Value additions

i. Process of producing high quality sweet wine (8-12%v/v) and dry wine (17-18%v/v) from cocoa juice has been developed.

ii. Washing liquid soap and bar soap have been developed and are being produced with potash (92% purity) extracted by crystallization from cocoa pod husk.

iii. Cheap feeds for pigs have been developed and are being produced using dried cocoa pod husk to replace 25% maize in the feed composition.

iv. Recipes for pure chocolate bars and chocolate blends with kola, coffee, cashew or tea have been developed. These have received the approval of the National Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC) of the Federal Ministry of Health.

v. Kola flavoured wine has been developed and commercialized.

vi. Kola pod husk-based diet has been produced. This ensured 10% replacement of maize in poultry feed formulation.

vii. Kola testa has been used in snail feed production.

viii. Kola, coffee and tea wines have been developed as addedvalue products of kola, coffee, cashew and tea.

ix. Eight edible products namely: cashew apple juice, cashew apple drink, cashew apple vinegar, cashew apple gin, cashew apple candy, cashew pectin and cashew apple jam have been developed from the pseudo-apple of cashew which is usually discarded after harvesting the cashew nuts.

x. Cooking oil has also been extracted from cashew kernel.

xi. Cottage-scale cashew apple juice extractor both manually and electrically operated has been fabricated, developed and is in use for producing bottled cashew juice.

xii. High quality black soap and Abuwe soap have been developed using potash from cocoa pod husk.

xiii. Cocoa-Kola beverage was produced.

xiv. Cocoa enriched garri was formulated and commercialized.

xv. “Choco-ogi” was developed and commercialized.

xvi. Choco-bread was made from cocoa powder and wheat flour.

xvii. Pure (natural) cocoa powder full of antioxidants were produced and packaged for health drink.

xviii. Cocoa custard formulated from corn, cocoa, sugar was produced and commercialized.

xix. Cashew milk from cashew kernel was produced.

xx. Soy-chocolate beverage, an instant beverage drink was produced.

xxi. Fabrication of cocoa fermenter and dryer.

xxii. Packaged green tea.

xxiii. Cocoa-based Cheese was produced through addition of cocoa powder into milk during cheese production.

xxiv. Cashew and cocoa fortified Biscuit were formulated through the methodology of biscuit processing.

xxv. Cashew kernel ice cream was formulated as alternative to the conventional ice cream.

Dr (Mrs) C.O Jayeola
Dr (Mrs) C.O Jayeola
Director/ Value Addition Research

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