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The Crop Protection Division/Department is one of the core Research Departments of the Institute. The Institute has five objectives in her mandates to research on 5 mandate crops (Cocoa, Kola, Coffee, Cashew and Tea). Crop Protection Department works directly on three objectives (ii – identification of the bioecology and methods of control of pests and diseases affecting the mandate crops; iv – integration of the mandate crops into cropping systems where each crop is grown by the farmers and v – translation of research results and improved technologies into practice among farmers and manufacturers in order to improve production and socio-economic life of the people) and partly on the remaining two mandate objectives. The Department comprises of 2 Sections: Entomology and Pathology with some other units based on professional competence of the Scientists. The Department has other members of staff like Laboratory Technologist, Agricultural Superintendent, Agricultural Field Officers that are supporting the research activities in the Department.

The Department has worked and still working on all the mandate crops with attendant results and/or proofs in enhancing the quantity and quality of production of the mandate crops as well as environment and sustainable livelihood of end users of research output (Institutional Handbook can be visited for some highlights).

Entomology Section, CRIN

Entomology Section of the Institute was established to identify and study the bioecology, morphometrics and systematics, Applied Insect survey and diagnostic studies, Insect bionomics, Insect genetics, control options and other applied aspects of insect science of the mandate crops with a view to provide environment friendly and sustainable solutions to the problems of insect pests associated with challenges of cocoa, kola, coffee, cashew and tea in Nigeria. The Section is also mandated to screen insecticides, screen sprayers and/or spraying pumps using standard protocols before the agrochemical companies or spraying pump producers are allowed to sell their products to farmers and other stakeholders dealing in CRIN mandate crops.   Similarly, the Section trains farmers and other stakeholders along the value chain of the mandate crops of the Institute on Responsible Pesticide Usage (with respect to Health Hazards and Biosafety, Insecticide Metabolism, Toxicity classification and Lethal Doses Interpretations), Sprayer Calibration and Application Rate, Good Agricultural and Environmental Practices using AESA Technique and Population dynamics Indices and also Training of Industrial Trainees from Universities and Colleges of Agriculture/Polytechnics on Applied Entomology. Over the years some insecticides had been screened and approved or disapproved while some are currently under screening.  Approved ones include: Actara WG, Proteus EC, Esiom EC – Cocoa farms, Actellic EC (on stored cocoa beans); Cymbush EC and Decis EC – Kola farms, Spindor Dust (on stored kolanuts). Unapproved Insecticides include: Avestrin, Pyrinex, Cocoastar, Capsida

The Section had worked extensively on bioecology of some major insect pests of the Institute’s Mandate Crops which include:

CocoaSarlhbergella singularis, Bathycoelia thalassina, Distantiella theobromae (Myrid), Anomis leona, Macrotermes bellicosus, Psyllids sppZonocerus spp, Euphestia cautella, Corcyra cephalonica, Araecerus fasculatus, Conopomorpha cramerella,

ColaBalanogastris kolae, Sophorhinus gbanjaensis, Ceratitis kolae, Anomis leona Macrotermes spp, Zonocerus spp etc

CoffeeCephanoides hylas, Epicampoptera glauca, Hypothenemus hapei (Coffee berry borer) Macrotermes spp, Zonocerus variegatus, Araecerus fasculatus

CashewAnaleptes trifasciata, Zoegraphus regalis, Pachnoda chordata, Helopeltis schoutideni Macrotermes spp, Zonocerus spp, Pseudotheraptus devastans

Tea Aspervia armigera, Macrotermes natalensis, Zonocerus spp

In furtherance, IPM, Use of Pheromones in Insect Management, Flora-Fauna-Interactions, Use of Entomopathogenic Organisms in Insect Mgt., Use of Insect Genetic Cascades and Use of Bioactive Plant Extracts in Insect Mgt. are the focus of the Section in the recent times and future.

The Section is blessed with competent and dedicated members of staff and this includes:

8 Research Fellows, 2 Laboratory Technologists, 1 Agricultural Superintendent/Field Officer and 1 Administrative Officer.

List of Scientists in Entomology Section

NameRankSpecializationPhone contactEmail address
Dr. A.V. OyedokunChief Research OfficerEntomologist/Applied Ecologist08033550363

Mr. E.U. AsogwaPrincipal Research OfficerApplied
Mrs. I.U. MokwunyePrincipal Research OfficerApplied Entomologist08059158250

Mr. R.T. OlorunmotaResearch Officer 1Storage
Mr. R.A. BuariResearch Officer
Mr. B.A. OlowookereResearch Officer 1Entomologist/Applied
Mrs. O.I. AsunboResearch Officer 1Plant/Rodent
Mr. I.A. MusaResearch Officer



List of pesticides currently approved for use on cocoa farms in Nigeria

Plant Pathology Section, CRIN

Plant Pathology Section of the Institute was established to proffer sustainable solutions to the problems of disease-causing pathogens affecting cocoa, kola, coffee, cashew and tea in Nigeria. The Section has also been saddled with the responsibility of conducting laboratory assays and field trials of fungicides produced by agro-chemical manufacturers with the aim of ascertaining their effectiveness and suitability for the control of diseases affecting CRIN mandate crops in Nigeria. Below is the list of some of the fungicides tested and certified/approved by the Section (on behalf of the Institute-CRIN) for use on Nigerian cocoa. They include: Funguran OH, Champ DP, Ridomil Gold, Copper Nordox 75 WP, Ultimax Plus, Kocide 2000, Red Force, Pergado, Carbrio Duo, Jorkemil Plus, Mackecknie Extra, Tandem, Micosat F Uno, and Orvego. Experimental trials of Problad Plus and Mackecknie Gold fungicides are still on-going.

Besides, the Section has the mandate to discourage the continuous or uncontrolled use of synthetic pesticides on CRIN mandate crops to the barest minimum via the development of ecologically friendly bio-fungicide alternatives and the training/education of farmers on Integrated Disease Management (IDM) which emphasizes on minimum use of pesticides to control crop plant diseases.

The Department is blessed with competent and dedicated members of staff. The list of staff of the Department and their profiles are shown below:

Plant Pathology Section presently has 11 Research Fellows, 3 Laboratory Technologists, 4 Agricultural Superintendents/Field Officers and 3 Administrative Officers.


List of Scientists in Plant Pathology Section

NameRankSpecializationPhone contactEmail address
Dr. Dongo, L. N.Director (leave of absence)
Dr. Agbeniyi, S. O.Director Research
Dr. Adedeji, A. R.Research
Dr. Orisajo, S. BDirector/PL
Dr. Adeniyi A.OChief research Officer/HOS
Dr. Okeniyi, M. O.Assistant Director/PL
Mr. Otuonye, A. H.Principal Research
Mrs. Omoleye, M. T.Research Officer
Dr. Ogundeji, B. A.Prin. Research
Mr. Ayanwole, S. A.Research Officer
Mrs. Oladigbolu, Y. O.Research Officer
Miss. Ikheafe, G. I.Research Officer
Miss. Laoye, F.T.Research Officer


List of Research Scientists in Agronomy Section

NameRankSpecializationPhone contactEmail address
Dr. Famaye, A.D.DirectorCrop
Dr. Kayode O. AyegboyinAsst. DirectorCrop
Dr. Adejobi, K.B.Asst.
Ugioro OsasogieChief Research
Dr. Nduka Beatrice AbanumChief Research OfficerCrop
Adeosun Seun AdewaleChief Research OfficerCrop
Adeyemi, E.A.Chief Research OfficerCrop Science/Farming System
Oloyede, Amos A.Chief Research
Oyeledun KehindeSenior Research OfficerCrop
Ibe OsitaSenior Research OfficerAgro
Aremu-Dele OlufemiResearch Officer ICrop
Oyediran, Uthman O.Research Officer
Umar SalisuResearch Officer IIB.
Agboluaje AduragbemiResearch Officer IIB.


List of Research Scientists in Plant Breeding

NameRankSpecializationPhone contactEmail address
Dr. A.A. MuyiwaAsst. DirectorPlant
Dr. O.O. AdeigbeAsst. DirectorPlant
Dr. O.O.AdenugaAsst. DirectorPlant
Dr. Olasupo, F.O.Chief Research OfficerPlant
Dr. Adepoju, A.F.Chief Research OfficerPlant
Dr. Olaniyi, O.O.Chief Research OfficerPlant
Dr. Mapayi, E.F.Chief Research OfficerPlant Biotechnology08025593250 
Mrs. Odey, C.F.Prin. Research OfficerPlant
Mr. Balogun S.TPrin. Research OfficerPlant
Dr. Sobowale, I.O.Senior Research OfficerPlant
Dr. Baba, N. M.Senior Research OfficerPlant
Mr. Keji Dada, E.Research Officer IPlant
Mrs. Areola, O.J.Research Officer IIPlant
Mr. Babatunde, O.P.Research Officer IIPlant
Miss. Sulaimon, F.O.Research Officer IIPlant
Mr. Ebunola. T.E.Research Officer IIPlant
Mr. Nyamkyume, T. F.Research Officer IIPlant
Mr. Askira, H.MResearch Officer IIPlant
Mr. Solomon, O.M.Research Officer IIPlant


List of Research Scientists in Soil and Plant Nutrition

NameRankSpecializationPhone contactEmail address
Dr. Ibiremo, O.Director(P)Soil
Prof. Ipinmoroti, R.R.Director(T)Soil
Dr. Ogunlade, M.O.Director(P & S)Soil Fertility, Water & Land
Dr. Aikpopodion P.Asst. DirectorSoil Chemist08138528944 
Dr. Akanbi, O.S.O.Chief Research OfficerSoil Fertility08098055032 
Dr. Iluyanomon C.I.Chief Research OfficerSoil Fertility & Plant
Mr. Daniel, M.A.Chief Research OfficerSoil Fertility & Water
Mr. Adebowale, L.A.Prin. Research OfficerAnalytical Chemistry & Water
Mr. Asowata FrankPrin. Research OfficerSoil Physics, Pedology Land
Mrs. Taiwo NnennaPrin. Research OfficerAgricultural Resources & Land
Mr. Adegbala Amos A.Research Officer ISoil
Mr. Fagbami Oluwole S.Research Officer ISoil Fertility & Plant
Miss. Ogbeide CResearch Officer ISoil Fertility & Plant
Mrs. Olasoji Hannah O.Research Officer
Mr. Saminu, H.AResearch Officer IISoil
Mr. Habibu AminuResearch Officer
Mr. Olugbemi Yomi MResearch Officer IISoil Fertility & Plant



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