Communiqué of the 2023 In-House Research Review

Communiqué of the 2023 In-House Research Review


The 2023 in-house research review was held between 23rd and 24th May, 2023 at the Lawrence Opeke Conference Hall with the theme: “Varietal Development of Cocoa, Cashew, Coffee, Kola and Tea for Sustainable Circular Economy Growth in Nigeria”. The attendance to the research review was restricted to the scientists of the Institute with over 145 participants at the opening ceremony.

The Executive Director (ED), Dr. Patrick Adebola, in his opening remarks, described in-house review as an annual research exercise. He appreciated the scientists for turning out in large number to attend the program and urged them to refrain from sole reliance on government funding and tilt towards writing award winning proposals for funding from donor agencies. The ED encouraged scientists to widen their horizon and explore opportunities (post-doctoral, short courses etc.) using the Internet Technologies. The Director, Research Operations, Dr. S.O. Agbeniyi, rightly informed the scientists that the focus of the current research is a paradigm shift from the traditional linear economy mode of “take-make-dispose” to innovative, collaborative and result driven circular economy research. Technical presentations were done in quick succession by the concerned scientists.

The following observations were made:
1. Release of new varieties and development of safe bio-pesticides on our mandate crops is long overdue.
2. Timely release of research funds is germane.
3. Proper maintenance of CRIN plantations is essential.

1. The release of the outstanding four new cocoa varieties, in at most, four years’ time.
2. Establishment of at least one hectare of parental clonal seed garden at the Headquarters to generate TC1 to TC8 pods.
3. Development of new cashew variety as against the prevailing wild variety.
4. Research into bio-pesticides phase by phase till fully developed.
5. Harmonization of the activities that would enhance coffee processing, quality, marketability and Coffea arabica germplasm enhancement.
6. Research focus on incompatibility and nut colour preference of kola.
7. Establishment of lowland adaptable tea clones on identified suitable soils.
8. Enabling policy on economic trees on farmer’ plantation to forestall loggers.
9. On-station feedback mechanisms after research outreach.
10. Paradigm shift and holistic research outlook.
11. Encouragement of suitable land mapping from time to time.
12. Improvement of old products and development of new products from our mandate crops.
13. Resuscitation of monthly in-house research seminar.
14. Establishment of School of Agriculture in the Institute.

Communiqué prepared by: CRIN Herald Team

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