Crop Improvement Division holds End-of-Year Party

Crop Improvement Division holds End-of-Year Party

Crop Improvement Division holds End-of-Year Party

The Crop Improvement Division hosted its annual end-of-year party on November 20, 2023 to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and honour distinguished individuals. The event was particularly significant as it paid tribute to the esteemed Executive Director, Dr. Patrick Adebola, and three retirees, Messrs Anuforo, Raji, and Azeez, who had retired approximately 12 years ago. The party, which was hosted by the Head of Division, Dr Anna Muyiwa, was a vibrant and lively affair, characterized by an atmosphere of camaraderie and appreciation. Bolstered by the presence of esteemed individuals, the celebration epitomized the Division’s devotion to recognizing and applauding exemplary service and dedication. The festivities commenced with Prof. O.C. Adeigbe delivering an inspiring
and motivating address, offering words of encouragement to both the guests of honour and the rest of the staff. His speech set a positive tone for the afternoon, fostering a sense of pride and enthusiasm among all attendees. The event’s ambiance was further enhanced by the impeccably dressed staff, who donned eye-catching uniforms, adding a visual appeal to the celebration. The impressive attire demonstrated the unity and professionalism within the Crop Improvement Division, as the entire team took pride in representing their department. To ensure everyone’s satisfaction, the party featured a delectable assortment of food and beverages. The culinary arrangements symbolized the division’s commitment to fostering an enjoyable and inclusive atmosphere for all attendees.

The highlight of the event was the bestowment of an award on the esteemed Executive Director, Dr. Patrick Adebola. This accolade not only acknowledged his contributions to the Division but also served as a testament to his leadership skills, expertise, and dedication. Dr. Adebola’s journey was particularly remarkable, having previously served as a member of the Division before eventually assuming the role of Executive Director. His progression within the Institute reflected personal growth and a strong commitment to the field of Crop Improvement.

In addition to Dr. Adebola, the three retirees, Messrs Anuforo, Raji, and Azeez, were also honoured with gifts to commemorate their meritorious service to the division. Their retirement, albeit 12 years ago, had evidently left an indelible impact, given the organization’s gesture of appreciation. These retirees played an integral role in shaping the division’s success and their contributions are celebrated to this day.

The Crop Improvement Division’s end-of-year party was an exceptional event that exemplified the Division’s commitment to fostering a positive work environment, camaraderie and acknowledgement of exceptional achievements. The presence of esteemed guests, including the Executive Director and the retirees, added an excellent value to the festivities. By awarding the Executive Director and recognizing the retirees, the event served as a reminder of the remarkable dedication and leadership that permeates throughout the Division. The party successfully embodied the values and accomplishments of the Crop Improvement Division while leaving attendees with a sense of pride and optimism for the future.

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