Excursion Visit by CSSWA College

Excursion Visit by CSSWA College

Excursion Visit by CSSWA College

The excursion’s visit by students of CRIN Senior Staff Wives Association Model College on the 28 November, 2023 is a remarkable event in the history of the Institute. The Model College took off from the CRIN Senior Staff Wives Association (CSSWA) Nursery and Primary School which earlier started as Day Care in 1981. The vision came through the wife of one of the Research Officers (Dr Williams) who later became the Director of the institute in 1996. His wife, Mrs Williams, according to story, went to Lagos in 1981 and collected sand from Atlantic Ocean. This sand was used to attract children from SS quarters as she spread on a platform and invited children of the staff to come and play with the sand so that their finger nails can be neat and sharp. Some children who participated in the amazing act became interested in this new innovation and as a result, it became a daily routine for them. More children who heard of it joined the peers. After few days of this activities, the Day Care was introduced and was welcomed by the parents of this little children. In 1985, the Nursery School began to prepare pupil for public primary school such as CRIN Staff School and Private School such as Molete Baptist Nursery and Primary school in Idi- Odo, Challenge, Ibadan. The vision to commence primary school dragged for years but in 1996, when Dr Williams became the Director of the institute, he supported the effort of his wife and it became Nursery and Primary School. Being the person that have the vision, she became the first President of CRIN Senior Staff Wives Association and since then, the wife of the institute’s Director, now Executive Director, is the President of the Nursery and Primary School. The history they said actually repeated itself, the Day Care started in 1981 and in 2021 after exactly 40 years, the present Executive Director, Dr. Patrick Adebola kick start the secondary School named “CSSWA Model College”. Ethically, the President of CSSWA is the wife of the Executive Director. Mrs Adebola, being miles away from the institute, is not physically available, but Mrs Orisasona is holding forth for her. The students were taken through some Research activities and breakthroughs of the institute. These were discussed in a participatory approach manner.

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